FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THE MENU or social media - 600 QAR per 1 hour

In general during 1 hour I capture from 10 till 20 dishes. If your products need to do extra styling the time for 1 dish will be extended till 20 minutes per one dish. 

This package includes:

  • Depature to your place
  • Rent the photography equipment
  • All pictures from photo shoot
  • A Post production editing
  • All images will be delivered in 5 days 

A concept Food shooting at my home studio - 500 per 1 hour

If you want to do professional photography based on personal unique brand concept for the social media, website or promo this package will fit perfectly. You need to send your dishes to me and after the shooting I will send it back.

  • This package includes:
  • the Studio and the equipment rent
  •  3 unique styling for the dish
  • All pictures from the photo shoot
  • A Post production editing
  • All materials will be finished in agreed time

Food Videography or Stop motion clips

  • Food videography or REELS - 600 QAR per 1 hour
  • a STOPMOTION CLIP - 600 QAR per 1 clip

In order to create one Stopmotion clip, I need to make and edit from 100 to1000 frames. This is a very laborious and long process, but the result will help make your product unique and attract many new customers to it.

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