I belive a wedding day, one is the most important and exiting days during our life. In the other hand according to my experience this day is usually stressful. A groom and a bride need to take care about million things in a short period of time. That is why sometimes it is not enough time to book a photographer or photo shoot ahead. Besides due to hurry during the wedding day not all couples have a thought about how their wedding pictures would look like. I have heard many stories when a couple was disappointed by weddings photos because groom and bride were tense and busy whole day and nobody reminds them to focus on their love and feelings as a result photos and videos did not reflect real happiness of special day.


That is why I offer you my help during your wedding or engagement day. I will catch all important and sincere moments and also take care about the details, which you will be happy to see on photos after the event. Kindly contact me ahead for booking. 


Ibrahim & Amira engagement

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Adrian & Ramona: wedding at the Orthodox church

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 Bride photo shoot at Katara

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